Today, every online shopping site is run by a “middleman” — a big internet e-commerce company or retailer. When you buy or sell at one of these sites, they keep track of everything about you — who you are, where you live, what you like, even your credit card information— and use that information to “profile” you and market to you. These big e-commerce sites are also obvious targets for hacker attacks, identity theft, and credit card fraud. As a result, many internet users are increasingly concerned about these threats to their privacy.

OmniBazaar was designed, from the ground up, to be completely different.OmniBazaar is a private, cooperative, internet marketplace composed only of its users. Users deal directly with other users through a revolutionary peer-to-peer marketplace network, with no central site. There is no middleman to record and use personal information, or to track shopping and spending habits. There is no central site for governments, hackers, or criminals to spy on or attack. And the peer-to-peer structure of the OmniBazaar network provides users with greater privacy.